How to stop making Auto-Antibodies that attack your Thyroid Gland?

I was struck by the first sentence of this 2004 research study:

“Autoantibodies against human thyroglobulin are a hallmark of autoimmune thyroid disease in humans.”

Antigens precede the creation of antibodies which are involved in allergic diseases. Something is tricking the body into believing that the thyroid is foreign tissue.

What is an autoantibody

Why are they important?

How do they impact thyroglobulin?

An AUTO-ANTIBODY is an antibody that  attacks your cells,  tissues  and even proteins.

When that happens, your body starts producing antigens against your own cells or tissues. This is an allergy!

Your body’s reaction  is to form autoantibodies.  This is important because these autoantibodies  attack and disable thyroglobulin as though it was a foreign invader.

An Allergy Relief Treatment may  stop the allergic reaction your body is having toward its own thyroglobulin. Once this is accomplished your thyroid gland will no longer have the need to make autoantibodies against itself which is the reason you have autoimmune thyroid disease in the first place.

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